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Here are our award winning viral ads brought to you by Barrie Segal.  Those of you who know Barrie will know that he often appears on the BBC, ITV, radio and other news media giving his expert opinion on parking tickets and parking ticket law.

AppealNow.com, in conjunction with Great Guns and director Eden Diebel have produced a series award-winning viral Internet ads.

While we are certainly not suggesting that parking attendants really do act in the ways portrayed, we do think that the use of humour can help to highlight rather less extreme examples of unfair, unjust or illegally issued parking tickets.

If these viral ads make you smile, you are welcome to download them and pass them on to your friends and colleagues - or just send them to this page.

AppealNow.com wins Cannes Award

We are very proud to announce that both of our parking ticket viral ads won Gold Awards at the prestigious Cannes Lions Live 2005 Awards beating some of the most famous brand names.

Appealnow.com has been one of the earliest internet users of viral ads for promoting a service! 

In addition, we are delighted that 'Kicking' was shortlisted, and ultimately runner-up in the Channel Four Viral Advertising Awards 2005.



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Why we produced these ads.

The ApealNow.com Viral Ads are designed to make you smile. But they also draw attention to a serious problem of our day - that local authorities appear to use the parking ticket system to raise revenue rather than to control traffic flow. As a result, traffic wardens or parking attendants have to meet strict quotas of parking tickets issued.

AppealNow.com content that this system is open to abuse - and out ever-growing file of real cases of crazy parking tickets bears witness to our fears.

There is a system of appeal and many motorists can have their parking tickets overturned once common sense prevails. However, the process, while free, is complex and bureaucratic. AppealNow.com can help you to cut through the red tape.

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If, by highlighting the problem with humour, we can make more motorists aware that there is an appeal process and that many parking tickets may be issued in error, then perhaps local authorities may rethink their sometimes heavy-handed approach.

Please tell your friends about the award-winning AppealNow.com videos and help us to spread the word about reversing the charges - the parking ticket charges, that is!

Click this button to start your parking ticket appeal right now!

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