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The sign for a Controlled Parking Zone shown below should be familiar to all motorist .

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The sign is used if a council claims the concession of signing all vehicular entry points to the zone and thereby avoid having to put parking restriction signs up every 60 metres.  This is covered by TRGD2002.

Controlled Parking Zone Sign

As can be seen the parking restrictions apply on Monday to Friday inclusive from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

On Saturdays the parking restrictions apply from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

You can see that the permitted variations of the sign can include changing the word "Controlled" to "Meter" and 5 other variations.  I will deal with these later on.

A Controlled Parking Zone is defined by The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 ("TSRGD 2002") which states:

"controlled parking zone" means either -

      (a) an area -

            (i) in which, except where parking places have been provided, every road has been marked with one or more of the road markings shown in diagrams 1017, 1018.1, 1019 and 1020.1; and

            (ii) into which each entrance for vehicular traffic has been indicated by the sign shown in diagram 663 or 663.1; or

      (b) an area -

            (i) in which at least one of the signs shown in diagram 640.2A has been placed on each side of every road; and

            (ii) into which each entrance for vehicular traffic has been indicated by the sign shown in diagram 665;


The requirement to have signs every 60 metres on single yellow lines is required by regulation 25(1) which states:

  (1) Subject to paragraph (2) a road marking shown in a diagram whose number appears and is in the form (if any) specified in an item in column (2) of the Table may be placed on a road only in conjunction with, and on the same side of the road as, a sign shown in a diagram whose number appears and in the form specified (if any) in column (3) of that item.

Subsection (2) of the regulations gives a concession to local authorities so that they do NOT have to have signs every 60 metres on single yellow lines as required by regulation 25(1) if at the road is within a Controlled Parking Zone and there are the the appropriate CPZ signs at each vehicular entrance into the zone.  Specifically Subparagraph (2) states

 "(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a road marking placed on a road within a controlled parking zone, if signs shown in diagram 663 or 663.1 have been placed at the entrances for vehicular traffic into the zone, except where the road marking is placed to indicate restrictions different from the restrictions indicated on those signs."

Regulation 26 then goes on to state:

    " 26. The sign shown in diagram 663, 663.1, 664, 665 or 666 may be placed only at the boundary of a controlled parking zone."

Example of Controlled Parking Sign with the permitted variation "Disc" ( see permitted variation 2 which substitutes the word "Disc" for "Controlled".  This is sign 663.

Disc Zone








Controlled Parking Zone Ends sign



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